Case Study – AC

Case Study Recently we were contacted by a homeowner with a recently purchased new home that was not performing properly. The issues at hand were high indoor humidity, home would not cool properly and high power bills, all indications of an hvac system unable to keep up with the load. …

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When your AC can’t keep up

Summer is here in force in Northeast Florida and the surrounding area.  A complaint we occasionally here from a new homeowner or Home Builder is “the system is too small – it can’t keep up”.  While the automatic reaction is to demand a bigger hvac system, this is a costly …

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HERS Index Current Statistics

Residential Energy Services Network In the recent 2015 Annual Report  released by the Residential Home Energy Services Network®, the 2015 statistics  for the Home Energy Services HERS® ratings reveal a trend toward greatly improved residential home energy efficiency and monitoring of that efficiency by RESNET HERS® raters.  The report showed that 1,725, 669 homes have been registered as of 2015 by RESNET®. These registrations have been verified by RESNET® certified Home Energy Raters and permanently entered into a national database.  In some locations there is a move to include these HERS® scores in MLS listings. The value for homeowners, homebuyers and builders cannot be understated.  Certainly information about home energy efficiency and predicted annual energy cost is valuable to anyone seeking to purchase or sell a home. Having it easily accessible and verified by a reputable national organization is clearly a winning strategy.

The Resnet® statistics show that in 2015 38% of the homes sold in the US were HERS® rated homes.  This is an increase of 30% from 2014. If this trend continues nearly half of all homes sold in the US in 2016 will have been HERS® rated. This includes all Energy Star® rated homes which require a HERS® rating as part of the Energy Star® certification.

We at Jacksonville Building Science work closely with Home Builders in Northeast Florida who are committed to being a part of this valuable trend.  From the initial purchase to the completion of the home we consult with Builders about the decisions they make regarding materials and construction practices. We also help them navigate Code changes and most importantly we provide mechanical design services. The energy efficiency of these homes is above even the average HERS® rated home because of the care we take in the design of the duct layout, the inspection of the installations of insulation and ductwork, and the final testing which includes Ductblaster testing, Blower Door testing and Airflow Test and Balance. This attention to detail and correction of deficiencies has the added benefit of increasing the likelihood that the Builder will qualify for the $2,000 Energy Efficient New Homes Tax Credit for Builders.

For further information about buying ,selling or building a HERS® rated home please contact Northeast Florida Manager Michael O’Donoughue, P.Eng. at 904-807-3540.



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